Effortless Oversight and Control for Investment Fund Professionals is a powerful Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution dedicated to Investment Fund professionals. It helps Fund Management Companies, Depositaries and Directors to perform their oversight tasks. The integrated workflow management, document management and task management tools ensure that you have a complete view of your structure, and that you don't miss any controls. And because it is important to evidence your controls, all supporting documents are securely stored.

Your time is important, so we have designed to be deployable in your organisation with little to no dependency on big data or legacy systems. This means that you are up and running fast, and can start mitigating your risks.

Dealing with complex investment fund structures becomes simple with Your customers and regulator will be happier, and your reputation will be protected.


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Supporting the fund value chain supports all investment fund actors

For Management Companies

AIFMD and UCITS have put extraordinary pressure on Fund Management Companies. Any lapse on the extensive number of required controls can lead to massive fines and reputational damage. Other new regulations only add to the complexity. keeps you in control.

For Depositaries

Depositaries must perform an increasing number of controls on the fund, its assets and service providers. Reverse burden of proof, restitution obligations, cash flow monitoring and other duties put heavy pressure on the depositary operating model. keeps you in control.

For Directors

Directors are increasingly expected to evidence their oversight activities. Even small infractions such as late or incorrect submission of regulatory documents can lead to fines and other penalties. Ongoing access to information has become a critical requirement. keeps you in control.

Regulatory pressure

Requiring an new way of working
    The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive aims at creating a harmonised regulatory framework for firms managing or marketing alternative investment funds in Europe. It puts heavy requirements on Fund Managers, Depositaries and other service providers.
    FATCA legislation applies to any Financial Institution including banks, investment managers, funds and insurers and requires higher levels of client identification and compliance to avoid the threat of reporting and/or withholding.
    Any person selling investment products to retail investors must provide a Key Investor Information Document to the potential investor before an investment decision is taken. The PRIIPs regulation also sets out requirements on the media that can be used for providing the KIID to retail investors. Non compliance with this these requirements will lead to heavy fines.
    The reforms under UCITS V seek to align how Member States regulate investment funds and to bring UCITS legislation in line with that of AIFMD. UCITS V requires funds to appoint a depositary function, sets out new requirements with regard to manager remuneration and seeks to address previous inconsistencies across Member States on sanctions.
    The revised MIFID II Directive is designed to bring additional investor protection. The strict framework introduces an entirely new set of reporting requirements on transactions and assets.
  • BEPS
    The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting action plan seeks to set new standards of international tax planning. Whatever the final implementation will be, exact knowledge and documentation of the holding structure will be essential in dealing with these changes.

Investment fund oversight made easy

Make controls painless, so you can focus on your core business gives you a full view of the investment fund structure at any point of it's life cycle. All information that has ever been stored remains accesible through the full audit trail.

The version controlled document management lets you drag-and-drop upload files, and consult them from within your browser.

Use checklists to design and follow your processes. Activate 4-eyes validation to ensure data integrity, and workflow management to make sure to follow up on actions.

And the many additional features of will keep you in control of your activities.


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